Suitable for cross country trenching, the 2018 can also be supplied with an offset cutting head and forward conveyor for operating in cities and on highways where access is restricted and excavated material needs to be loaded onto trucks for removal offsite. The cutting head is available with a single chain or a double chain for wider trench widths.

Machine features

Trench method - Digging chain with stepless adjustable speed
Trench depth range - 0 - 2.0m - (3.0m with single chain)
Trench width range - Single chain - 230mm - 550mm
  Double chain - 450mm - 750mm
Digging chain drive - Hydrostatic low speed high torque motor
Spoil discharge - Conveyor to either left or right hand side
Scraper - Independent hydraulic folding
Power unit - Cummins 227kw (305hp) powering main and auxiliary pumps
Undercarriage - Heavy duty Oscillating D4
Track pad - 600mm Triple grouser
Track drive - Independent hydrostatic, high & low speed drive 0 - 3500m/hr
Operators position - Ergonomic cabin with heating & A/C. ROPS certified
Transport dimensions Length 10.5m - Width 2.5m - Height 3.1m (Approx)
Weigth - 28 tonne (Approx)

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