10/12D Sportsfield

Recognised globally as the leading sub-surface drainage trencher for varied sports turf applications. Engineered for precision on grade trenching and excavated spoil removal via conveyor to leave you with a clean turf surface.

Machine features

Trench method - Digging chain with stepless adjustable speed
Grade control - Trimble precision laser or GPS, with manual override
Trench depth range - 0.25m - 1.1m
Trench width range - 125mm - 370mm
Machine slew - 5° from centre to both sides
Digging chain drive - Hydrostatic low speed high torque motor
Spoil discharge - Conveyor system to left handside
Pipe box - Hydraulic lift, manual depth adjust
Backfill hopper - Hydraulic height adjustable
Pipe handling - Manual or hydraulic pipe reels
Power unit - Deutz 100kw (134hp) powering main and auxiliary pumps
Undercarriage - Heavy duty pivoting, FL4
Track pad - 500mm Triple grouser
Track drive - Independent hydrostatic, high & low speed drive 0 - 4200m/hr
Operators position - Open position within trencher
Transport dimensions - Length 7.6m - Width 2.4m - Height 2.95m (Approx)
Weigth - 8.9 tonne (Approx)

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