25/20 straight & V

Ideal for most lateral drainage schemes to depths of 1.8 metres, this compact machine is convenient and cost-effective to transport and operate within smaller European fields, but still capable of installing thousands of metres of on grade pipe every day

Machine features

  25/20V 25/20
Trench method - V blade Straight blade
Grade control - Trimble precision laser or GPS, with manual override
Trench depth range - 0m - 1.8m
Max pipe diameter- 165mm
Pivoting trenching unit - 5° from centre to both sides
Pipe handling - Manual or hydraulic pipe reels
Power unit - Cummins 250kw (335hp) powering main and auxiliary pumps
Undercarriage - Heavy duty oscillating D5B - (optional side tilt)
Track pad - 860mm Triple grouser
Track drive - Independent hydrostatic, high & low speed drive 0 - 5000m/hr
Operators position - Ergonomic cabin with heating. ROPS certified
Transport dimensions - (L) 10.1m - (W) 2.9m - (H) 3.1m (L) 10.0m - (W) 2.9m - (H) 3.4m
Weigth - 26 tonne (Approx) 28 tonne (Approx)

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