Mastenbroek has this month launched an innovative new product to help contractors save money and improve the accuracy of backfill levels when installing drainage schemes or utilities.

Developed and refined over a six-month period Mastenbroek’s Magic Eye package combines a radar sensor with a software application to control the amount of gravel or sand that is dispensed by the hopper when backfilling.
Available now as an optional extra on Mastenbroek’s trenchers and retrofittable to any machine with a suitable hydraulic variable height gravel hopper, the Magic Eye regulates itself to the ground level ensuring the optimum amount of gravel is dispensed.
Mastenbroek developed the Magic Eye in response to customer requests for an automated way of minimising wastage.
The costly issue was first raised with Mastenbroek by Darren Cotton of Les Cotton Contractors. Operating in Suffolk and undertaking agricultural and sports field drainage across East Anglia, Les and his team also helped test the Magic Eye as part of the development process.
“Gravel is increasingly expensive and having someone follow the hopper to ensure the levels are right or using a plumb bob to check that we’re not wasting aggregate isn’t the most effective or consistently accurate method,” says Les. “Darren mentioned this to Mastenbroek and they got straight onto it! The Magic Eye is a very neat solution and is easy to set up and use. It has proven to be incredibly accurate during testing and I’m sure it will be a popular feature with contractors looking to minimise waste and not spend more than they have to on aggregates.”
Mastenbroek’s Commercial Director, Christopher Pett, adds: “We have a history of problem solving and developing innovative solutions to help our customers work more efficiently and effectively. Developing the Magic Eye was an interesting project to oversee. It was very rewarding to see how our whole team – electrical, mechanical and software engineers – came together to work out an effective solution to Les and Darren’s request.”
Les Cotton Contractors recently bought a Mastenbroek CT12 crawler truck. As well as fitting the Magic Eye control to the trencher hopper, Les and Darren are working with Mastenbroek to adapt the technology to work with a front-mounted gravel hopper on the CT12, which is interchangeable with the front swing conveyor.


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