Drainage contractors and farmers wishing to undertake their own surveys and seeking a low-cost, high-spec solution should check out Mastenbroek's stand (413) at Cereals next month.

Working with Trimble®, Mastenbroek has introduced a new survey package which brings together the new DA2 Catalyst and access to WM-Subsurface software at a £6,000 price point.
Mastenbroek's offer is the first time the DA2 has been available to UK drainage professionals and farmers.
Powered by the Trimble® Catalyst™ GNSS positioning service, the DA2 receiver, combined with a Catalyst service subscription, delivers centimetre accuracy to location-enabled Android devices.
The DA2 can be attached to a pole for handheld surveys or mounted on a vehicle and delivers precision and position quality to any location-enabled workflow, with increased accuracy and reliability near trees and buildings.
The DA2 is used with the free WM-Survey II™ app, allowing users to create basic field surveys for water management activities.
Paired with the DA2 receiver, WM-Survey II allows the easy recording of elevation points across a field to generate a topographic map, which can be exported to WM-Subsurface to create land drainage designs as well as WM Form for surface drainage designs.
WM-Subsurface software ensures the optimal placement of land drains in sub-surface drainage water management projects, helping to drain fields adequately and increase crop yields. 
The software allows users to produce 3d models of fields, determine the field's watershed zones, enable flow arrows and tributary lines to assist with tracing the natural surface water flows, calculate pipe sizes automatically and print out maps showing the required drain lengths and the amount of materials needed.
"Over the last couple of years, quite a few drainage contractors and some of the larger farming groups have asked us if we have a portable, relatively low-cost survey tool, and until now, we've not had access to a solution that we were completely happy with and willing to offer people," says Fred Clarke, Mastenbroek's Technical Director. "Now, though, we can offer Trimble's DA2, 100 hours of airtime and access to WM-Subsurface for just £6,000. This represents incredible value for money, with previous alternative methods costing the region of £12,000!"
For more information about the DA2 and Mastenbroek's range of trenchers, visit stand 413 on 11 and 12 June at Cereals, email or call 01205 311 313.


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