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A history of innovation – pioneering the development of advanced trenching technology

Mastenbroek’s roots are in agricultural sub-surface land drainage. It’s where we began 40 years ago – we manufactured our first trencher in 1977 – and this pedigree gives us unrivalled expertise and experience in our sector upon which we base our continued focus for developing our diverse engineered solutions.

Mastenbroek milestones and ‘firsts’

  • 1965: UK sales and service of Dutch manufactured drainage trenchers
  • 1973: incorporated laser transmitter and receiver for automatic ‘on grade’ depth control for drainage trenchers
  • 1977: commenced design and manufacture of Mastenbroek drainage trenchers and trenchless plows suitable for the heavy and arduous British soils
  • 1977: machine build number 1 is still in commercial operation
  • 1977: first of many Mastenbroek trenchers exported overseas
  • 1980: the first to design and build an 80-tonne-plus land drainage plow
  • 1983: developed the V-plow for self propelled trenchers to overcome potential soil structure damage from sub-surface smear and surface heave
  • 1983: “tramline drainage” – CT12 tracked crawler truck follows in the drainage trencher tracks to accurately place backfill filtrate into the trench
  • 1983: developed the first of many deep drainage trenchers for horizontal de-watering, and subsequently in-situ soil mixing to depths in excess of 12 metres
  • 1984: pioneered the use of hydraulic radial piston motors to power the cutting chain, which was subsequently adopted across the global trenching sector
  • 1986: designed and manufactured the SS50, our first sub-sea self propelled trencher
  • 1988: 1012 rock trencher for compact utility work with forward conveyor
  • 1988: pioneered the gravel compactor to positively place filtrate back fill material in saturated soils
  • 1989: model 1012D sportsfield trencher for on grade laterals and collectors with spoil removed to leave clean turf surface
  • 1992: synchronised trenching – Syncro trench will simultaneously trench and install a pipe within a bedding surround to an on grade and on line laser precision, whilst keeping the operators safely at ground level
  • 1995: designed and manufactured the SM250, our first inter-tidal trencher
  • 1996: the first ‘on grade’ laser control for rock trenchers to sub-surface drainage accuracy
  • 1998: model 7045, our largest rock trencher to date at 86 tonnes and 4.5 metre depth
  • 2001: the millennium starts with the patented HRT Series – the unique reciprocating trenching head with undercut for hard rock and permafrost
  • 2005: design and manufacture of horizontal cutting technology for in vessel green waste composting
  • 2008: developed model 912 with trench head off-set for on grade trenching in restricted access areas
  • 2011: incorporated Trimble and Farm Works solutions for total GPS control of drainage trenchers – “on grade” and autosteer

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